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Axial Fans With Adjustable Pitch: 

NadI’s axial fans are specially designed to meet the exact demands of commercial and industrial ventilation in hot, humid, dusty and corrosive environments. Fans are offered in a wide variety of mechanical designs for every application.

The heart of these fans is the unique axial  impeller with variable pitch blades. There is also an option to change the numbers of blades as well as the Hub - Tip ratio, to ensure optimum design for given air-flow requirements.

Impellers upto 4 M diameter are offered to the discerning customer.

A special feature is that the mild steel casing of the fan is provided with flanged ends formed from the parent material using a CNC flanging  machine. This ensures additional strength and eliminates the thermal stresses induced by the traditional welding process.

Long Case (Direct Drive): 

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Long Case (Belt Drive): 

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Plate Mounted Fans: 
Smoke Vent Fans: 
Jet Fans: 
Industrial Man Coolers: