NADI Airtechnics Pvt. Ltd. has been manufacturing a wide range of industrial fans to meet the critical requirements of axial / centrifugal fans for all types of Industrial / Commercial applications.

Axial Fans

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Axial fans are widely used in ventilation application, Driers, Food processing Industry, Railway Locomotives ,Power plants etc.,

Centrifugal Fans

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These fans are available in different configurations - Double inlet double width, Single inlet single width and Inline duct fans with different impeller blade profiles.
(Radial blades, backward inclined, backward curved, aerofoil, forward curves, padel type etc. to meet different duty conditions with low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure applications).

Impellers can be offered in different materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, MS FRP lined, MS Rubber lined.
Fans are also offered with different surface treatments such as epoxy paint, spray galvanising, hot dip galvanising (upto certain areas).

These fans are ideally used in Air-conditioning and Ventilation, Pollution Control, Fume Extraction, Dust collection, ID fans for boilers and furnaces, paper industries, process industries etc.


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These are the rotating parts of the axial/centrifugal fans. Based on the application these Impellers are categorized for Clean air/dusty air/material handling/fibrous material. Designing the impellers determines the technical parameters required by the customer.