Industries & Applications

Automobile Paint Shops:

NADI fans are extensively used in the paint shop industry due to their reliability. The down time of modern paint shops is very sensitive as they are part of automated production lines. Painting of cars and automobiles are fully dependent on the environment and ventilation provided by the system. Unless the fans are performing up to the requirements it will be very difficult to balance the system. All NADI fans are tested for performance and run tested for a minimum of 4 hours in order to ensure optimum performance. Lower noise levels also play a vital role in this application. NADI has been able to successfully satisfy the demanding needs of the industry and is a well-established name among several of the top OEM’s in this industry.

Our P-series, N-series and PHX series are extensively used in this industry in the direct drive, belt driven or plug fan modes of construction.

Process Industry:

We serve various process industries such as textile, food, paper, pharmaceutical, etc. The robust construction of these fans enables them to be used for continuous operation. Their construction also enables them to handle a certain amount of dust laden air. Our design capabilities and experience allows us to provide custom build fans for specific applications where there is a substantial amount of dust in the air or if the fan needs to be placed in a corrosive environment.

Textile Air Handling & Cotton Ginning:

High volume medium pressure fans are mainly used in this application. Being sensitive to the environment these fans need to be periodically maintained. Incase of air supply fans, double inlet and double width (DIDW) fans are used to ensure a higher volume of air flow.

Special fans for Railroads:

These fans are specially designed to meet stringent quality requirements as well as to work in a tough environment with minimal maintenance. The design of these fans is verified by performing vibration, shock and fatigue analysis both by FEA as well as practical validation. Our quality system is certified by the American Association of Railroads (AAR).

Axial fans:

All our axial fans have impellers that use adjustable pitch blades with technology from Elta Fans, UK. The adjustable pitch blades make them extremely versatile in site conditions where the air flow may need to be adjusted. The range of fans starts with a minimum diameter of 315 mm and go up to a diameter of 2 meters. Our fans are manufactured using the latest European technology such as a CNC rolling machine and a CNC flanging and punching machine in order to ensure tight manufacturing tolerances and good aesthetics by minimizing the welding required.