Research and Development


Air Performance Testing

We have the capability to test fans for air performance as per the following procedures:

IS 4894-1987

IS 3588-1987

BS 848

AMCA 210

All our fans are tested before dispatch.

Sound Testing

We also have the capability to perform a full sound spectrum and vibration spectrum analysis using European technology.

Balancing Machines:

Every impeller/rotor that we manufacture is balanced to ISO 1940 Gr. 6.3. We also have the capability to balance to Gr. 2.5 or lower on request. We are able to adhere to these stringent standards as we have both fixed and portable balancing machines that incorporate European technology.

The portable balancing machine also enables us to balance impellers at site. For enquires on site balancing please email us on or call us on 044-25532206, 07.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Our products are engineered with FEA and practical verification is done on request.