Manufacturing Technology


The NADI Airtechnics production facility is located in the coastal town of Chennai in South India about 28 km away from the heart of the city. The factory has a covered area of 1.08.019 sq. ft. and additional uncovered area of 1,00,000 sq. ft.

A special feature of our one lakh plus square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility is the in-built flexibility to cope with the urgent and varied needs of our customer. With an on going modernization programme, we have upgraded our manufacturing facility, carefully investing in product specific machines (both imported and indigenous) to achieve the required level of production with consistency in quality.

Due to the meticulous attention we have paid to the selection of testing equipment and setting up of the testing facilities, we are able to ensure that our fans confirm to the rated specification in accordance with the relevant IS, BS and/or AMCA testing procedures.

A variety of sophisticated and sensitive portable instruments/ equipment help us to provide reliable on-site measurements of specific performance parameters.

Flow Forming Technology – CNC Spinning Machine:

Metal spinning, also known as chip-less spinning, flow forming technology, spin forming or spinning, is a metal working process by which a disc or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into an axially symmetric part. Spinning can be performed by hand or by using a CNC lathe or special purpose machines.

Metal spinning ranges from an artisan’s specialty to the most advantageous way to form round metal parts for commercial applications. Artisans use the process to produce architectural detail, specialty lighting, decorative household goods and urns. Commercial applications include rocket nose cones, cookware, gas cylinders, brass instrument bells, and public waste receptacles. Virtually any ductile metal can be formed, from aluminum or stainless steel, to high-strength, high-temperature alloys. The diameter and depth of the formed parts are limited only by the size of the equipment available.

We are equipped with a state of the art, CNC controlled spinning machine imported from Germany, a first of its kind in India.

We have capability to spin blanks up to 2.10 meter in diameter with the thickness of the material as follows:

Material Thickness
Aluminum ~10 mm
Mild Steel ~8 mm
Stainless Steel ~6 mm

This CNC spinning machine ensures that the cones used on our fans are spun to tight tolerances which ensures that the fans perform as per their specifications.

Popular products that can be manufactured are
* Ventilator components-fan inlet rings, fan inlet cones
* Wind generator caps/cones
* Propeller hoods
* Tank bottoms
* Container ends, tank ends, compressor tank ends
* Seamless Funnels cones
* High bay fitting reflectors
* Parabolic mirrors

Please send enquires for spun components to or call +91-44-25532413/14 for more information.

Fiber Laser Cutting System

The material used for the components of our fans are cut using an optical fibre laser cutting using sole technology, machine provides accurate, distortion-free components from thin metal sheets This machine has a capacity of cutting steel sheets up to a thickness of 15 mm.

High Definition CNC Plasma Burn Table:

The material used for the components of our fans are cut using a High Definition CNC Plasma Burn Table that is highly accurate having precise tolerances. This machine has a capacity of cutting steel sheets up to a thickness of 34 mm and stainless steel sheets up to a thickness 25 mm.

CNC Sheet Rolling Machine:

The housings of our axial fans are rolled on a CNC sheet rolling machine incorporating European technology which ensures that there is a tight tolerance during manufacture.

CNC Flanging and Punching Machine:

The flanges of our axial fans are produced on a CNC machine that also punches the mounting holes. This ensures that there is a tight tolerance not only in our flanges but also on the PCD of the mounting holes.

CNC Turning Centre

Can turn shafts upto 2800 mm in length and 250 mm in dia

Balancing Machine


Air performance testing
IS 4894 - 1987
IS 3588 – 1987
BS 848
AMCA 210*
*Our results are within 2% of any AMCA certified lab