Nadi Airtechnics

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Our History

It all started with a dream

NADI was established in 1955 by the Kamdar Family as a trading Company marketing and servicing industrial and agricultural machinery.

Transformational shift

A small manufacturing unit was set up in 1962 in Chennai (then known as Madras) with a foundry and a machine shop to manufacture some of the components of the imported equipment. With change in demands, the production facility eventually focused on the manufacture of industrial fans from 1973 onwards. The rich experience of the foundries in locating good components from outside India and the operating foundry and the fabrication shop / machine shop greatly helped the Company to produce high quality centrifugal fans specifically for high pressure applications.

International Collaborations

Gradually medium and low pressure fans for other industries were added to the product range and in 1985 the Company began to manufacture high efficiency fans in accordance with M/s. Enercon of Germany.

As per contemporary European design following the technical collaboration, the new product range was an instant success with the process, boiler and furnace manufacturing industry.

Product Innovation

In 1990 we had added manufacture of axial fans to the range incorporating axial impellers of adjustable pitch blades manufactured by M/s.Elta Fans of UK. That association continues till today as we continue to meet our customer’s requirements of high efficiency axial fans for various applications.

By 1992 further to develop the fan range we had tied up with Titan Fans of Australia to offer axial fans of larger diameter up to 4 m diameter impellers.

Rapid Expansion

Between 2004 and 2013, the Company collaborated in a successful Joint Venture with M/s. Twin City Fans Companies, USA and the Company was briefly known as TCF-NADI Industrial Fans Pvt. Ltd.

In March 2013, the Kamdar family bought over the shares of TCF and the Company reverted to its original ownership and original name of NADI Airtechnics Pvt. Ltd.”

The company has innovatively combined its 60 years of Indian experience of manufacturing fans with the technology of its foreign partners to successfully offer high quality industrial fans to its customers, globally. 

Nadi Today

Today NADI is the Preferred Industrial Fans manufacturing partner for various industries like
• Automotive paint shops
• Process industry
• Railway and Marine industry
• Nuclear, Hydro and Thermal power stations
• Furnaces
• Boilers
• Pneumatic conveying systems
• HVAC …. and more

2015 marks the 60 year of NADI existence in the industry. And this milestone is been celebrated as a Diamond Jubilee year.