Manufacturing Facility

NADI Airtechnics India Private Limited

Industrial fans are manufactured with heavier duty materials and components designed to operate longer, supply greater air flow and pressure, and meet more stringent environmental and ambient requirements. NADI Airtechnics has over 1 Lakh plus square foot state of the art manufacturing facility with complex manufacturing setup and performance testing facilities. 

For over 60 Years, NADI has perfected the manufacturing facility to be aptly referred as one of the sophisticated industrial fan manufacturing facilities in India. We have in-built flexibility and lot of further provisions to cope with any urgent and complex industrial fan needs of our clients.

With an ongoing modernization programme, we have upgraded our manufacturing facility, carefully investing in product specific machines (both imported and indigenous) to achieve the required level of production with consistency in quality.

Due to the meticulous attention we have paid to the selection of testing equipment and setting up of the testing facilities, we are able to ensure that our fans confirm to the rated specification in accordance with the relevant IS, BS and/or AMCA testing procedures. 

A variety of sophisticated and sensitive portable instruments/equipment help us to provide reliable on-site measurements of specific performance parameters.

Our Facility

Our manufacturing unit is spread over a sprawling area of 1,00,000 sq.ft. The facility is established in a strategic location with an ultra-modern full-cycle manufacturing infrastructure that includes all sophisticated machines, processes, technology and qualified staff to achieve the desired goals.

All essential tools and equipment are available within our organization that are required for the smooth and fast production of our reputed industrial fans and industrial blowers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit comprises of hi-tech facilities for designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing based operations. With the help of this infrastructure, our industrial fans product range is designed in compliance with international quality standards by using quality raw materials. We always give emphasize on modernization and up-gradation of our unit to meet the requirements of market in stipulated time frame.

In-House Infrastructure

Testing Facility

The productivity, operating cost and safety of the customers’ industrial applications heavily depend on the effectiveness of its primary ventilation system, especially the Industrial fans. Testing is so important for the output and objective of industrial fans are met precisely.

Industrial fan deployments are complex, and every project faces unique challenges with the addition of variables like high temperatures, high humidity, heavy dust loads, and sound specifications that can affect the safety, performance and reliability of air moving equipment. 

Rigorous laboratory testing verifies Industrial fans’ performance helps to ensure the long-term success of every project and the prevention of unexpected maintenance and costly downtime. 

Industrial fans are often large and hence are Field-Erected. They are tested and run in a fully assembled state before being despatched to customer locations. NADI Airtechnics has state-of-the-art industrial fan testing facility that meets international standards.

NADI Airtechnics has sophisticated Pre-Deployment Fan Testing that takes care of Air Performance testing, Noise testing, temperature testing, vibration testing and overspeed testing.

Full load testing up to 600 KW
Portable vibration analysis and balancing machines
Sensitive electrical load managers for accurate measurement
Portable Digital Manometer
Portable inclined Manometer with pilot tube
Hot wire Anemometer
Non-contact tacho meter & Infrared Thermometer
Portable vibration analysis and balancing machines
Sound Level Meter for sound spectrum analysis

Research and Development

NADI Airtechnics has a well-equipped Research and Development department as one of its unique strengths. The facility boasts of the continued innovation that launches benchmark-setting Industrial fans for a wide range of industry applications. Our experienced scientists and engineers meticulously plan and manage the activities of the R&D department. They keep us abreast with all futuristic technological developments by studying market trends, analysing data, brainstorming and prototyping to make our Industrial Fans are functionally unmatched, long running and yet are cost-effective for our clients.

Warehousing and Shipping

NADI Airtechnics’ warehousing unit is voluminous and has adequate space for the proper storage and movement of our raw material, tools and equipment. The unit is segmented into various divisions so that it is easy to identify and retrieve various products in different categories. The labeling of products is done by us in inventory processing and safe storage. Shipping is done by experts with sturdy material for ensuring that the products are protected against any damage during transportation.

Sustainability & Responsible Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility is appreciated for the vision and initiatives put together to be a responsible manufacturing facility.

NADI Airtechnics is engaged in the development and design of custom Industrial Fans and made-to-order Industrial Fans and Industrial blowers to meet varied customer needs. Industrial Fans improve efficiency of industrial capabilities and hence contribute to energy saving imperative.

NADI Airtechnics has been one of the pioneering industrial manufacturing companies in India from early on to start implementing environmental sustainability and related best practices. The facility follows all environmental sustainability regulations and  

What's More?

NADI Airtechnics has multidisciplinary staff who can provide complete design and construction services that support heavy duty industrial fans manufacturing assembly and all associated systems, from material fabrication to electrical power generation and testing equipment. Our provisions allow us to accelerate the production process, process design to packaging and shipping.