Special Fans for Railways

Since 2002, Nadi has used its wealth of experience to develop a wide range of exceptionally rugged axial and radial fans for diesel / electric locomotives. These fans operating in India and the other parts of the world have demonstrated outstanding reliability and durability closed to Two decades. This has been possible because the fans were designed, manufactured and validated in our State of the Art manufacturing facility to operate in the harshest environment.

Browse Industrial Fans for Railways

NADI-Airtechnics is a global centre of excellence for the development, design and engineering of customized industrial fans for Railways. Nadi’s industrial fans are reliable, sturdy and can run relentlessly under extreme conditions.

Browse our range of industrial fans for the Railways and our facility has been qualified with the following certifications:

•             Association of American Railroads – Quality Assurance Program Certification (AAR)

•             EN 15085 Weld-shop certification and other related certifications


Fans are specially designed to meet specific requirement of individual customers.

Alternator Blower with Exhauster

NADI’s range of cutting-edge Alternator Fans are of international standard and built with materials to give unmatched performance. Our Alternator Fans are made with sophisticated technology ensuring lower maintenance costs, higher durability and longer exploitation periods.

NADI fabricates large-flow, light-weight, multi-purpose Centrifugal Exhaust Blowers, designed, built, tested and delivered to our customers’ specifications.


Exhaust Diffuser 

Move huge volume of air quickly and quietly with energy-efficient exhaust fan industrial air diffusers from NADI. 

Axial Fan with Fixed Blade Impeller 

Axial Fan with Fixed Blade Impellers are designed to produce higher airflow rates, ensuring high efficiency and & low noise levels ideal for high-temperature and corrosive environments.

RTTM Blowers

NADI Specializes in manufacturing Rear Traction Transition Motor (RTTM) Blowers are used in locomotives to cool traction motors in the bogies that are situated in the rear side. 

Other railway fans are HLC Blower, EDC – RE – Cooling Fan