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Smoke vent with Variable Pitch Aluminium Blades

Nadi’s Axial Fans with Variable Pitch Aluminium Blades are designed for precision performance and long-term problem-free operations. Smoke vent industrial fans are designed with variable pitch with aluminum blades – heavy duty axial fan with special smoke duty motors rated for 250 ˚c, 300˚c for 1 hour, or 400˚c for 2 hours.
NADI Airtechnics is a major manufacturer and supplier of axial fans for smoke ventilation.

Custom Designed for Precision Performance

Every fan is individually designed to provide the best aerodynamic performance across the operating range defined by the customer. We can draw on a wide choice of impeller diameters, hub sizes and drive speeds to provide the optimum configuration for the defined duty spectrum.
The outstanding aerodynamic performance of Nadi’s Axial Fans with Adjustable pitch Aluminium blades has been developed by listening to customer needs, and proven in the most demanding applications. Blades are made from high quality pressure die cast Aluminium. The variable pitch aluminium blades reduces stress levels and makes our fans perfect for smoke exhaust applications.
Whatever the size or specification, each fan we deliver is a state-of-the-art machine that incorporates the most recent technology into a unique, compact and outstandingly reliable unit.

Stringent quality control for problem-free operations

We use a thorough and meticulous quality control system to ensure that every fan complies with every detail of the customer’s specification. Each individual component is comprehensively checked before assembly, and the completed fan is methodically Run tested throughout the full range of blade angles. Significantly, we use a weld-free construction for the Axial fans housing Flanges removing any risk of weld cracks and thus any need for time-consuming weld inspection either at the construction stage or during the life of the fan. Our advances in science and technology would be greatly devalued by any lapse in quality control. We are enormously proud of our hard-won reputation for engineering of the highest quality.

Technical Specifications

Smoke vent with Variable Pitch Aluminium Blades

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